Small Theater Screensaver 
  Small theater is a screensaver event happens that on «Backa teater»’s website. If the visitor enters the website and haven’t used their mouse for 20 seconds, the screensaver animation turns on. This screensaver animation is made with moving buttons and letters on the website and it shows featured scenes of the theater’s previous plays. If the visitor moves a mouse, the animation disappears and the original website comes out where the visitor can book tickets and get some more information about theater.
  «Backa teater» is a part of Gothenburg’s City Theatre, an art form to inspire the younger generation. Their plays contain experimental and interactive elements which make it hard to film their plays. So all information about their previous plays remains as a static written form with few pictures on their website. This event is to introduce these previous works in more attractive form, especially for younger generation, so that visitors can know more about the theater and their works.